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How To Maintain A Healthy Life

You do not need to stay overnight for seven consecutive days in the gym just to maintain body health and fitness. Sometimes, just by doing small things - without needing a lot of time and energy - you can naturally help maintain a healthy body without having to be forced. The key, you only need a little creativity and the will to do it wherever and whenever you can. Curious what are the simple habits to maintain the health of your body? Read on to find out.

1. Physical activity, wherever and whenever

The key to a healthy life is active movement. Well, you are one of those people who like to spend hours watching soap opera or drama series on TV? You can still be productive in physical activity while watching TV. The trick is simple, take advantage of advertising time as a place to stretch muscles, push ups, sit ups, or even planks.

So, there is no more time wasted even though you are watching TV. In addition to taking advantage of the commercial break when you watch TV, you can also do some physical activity that can be done at home. For example, cleaning the house, going up and down stairs, gardening, relaxing, and so forth.

2. Get enough sleep

In addition to active activity, you also have to fulfill your sleep time. The reason is sleep is the most basic need that becomes a foundation on which a healthy mind and body are formed. If the foundation is shaken, it will certainly have an impact on your health. Starting from the immune function, energy, appetite, mood and so forth. Basically, everyone's ideal sleep time is different. However, experts agree if the ideal sleep time for an average adult ranges from 7 to 9 hours each night. So, to maintain a healthy body, from now on your sleep is enough and avoid staying up late.

3. Drink a lot

Water is the most basic requirement for the body. If the body lacks water, the cells in the body will find it more difficult to function properly. On the other hand, you are also more at risk of dehydration. If you are dehydrated, this will drain your energy, making you tired more quickly.

Many people say that we have to meet the needs of drinking 8 glasses of water every day. In fact, not necessarily. Because the water needs of each person is different. It may be that you need to drink less or even more water than the recommendation. Most importantly, don't wait for you to feel thirsty after drinking water. Because the thirst that arises is actually already a sign that your body is dehydrated by 2 percent. So, while you are able and able, fulfill your fluid needs. Not only from water, you can also meet your fluid needs from water-rich vegetables and fruits.

4. Eat slowly

Many people claim to be crazy and forget themselves when they see a lot of food lined up in front of their eyes. It feels, everything in front wants to be enjoyed as quickly as possible. Not infrequently, this makes you eat quickly, so you do not realize you have eaten large portions and get high calories. In fact, based on research published in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietic, eating food slowly is very big in reducing the number of calories in your body, you know! When you eat slower, you don't realize that you are full even though you only eat smaller portions.

As a result, eating slowly can indirectly control body weight which can ultimately prevent obesity. In addition, eating slowly also helps smooth the digestive system and makes you feel fuller even though the amount of food you consume is not much.

How To Maintain A Healthy Life